Message Follow Up | A Dimly Lit Room: Part 2 – What He Does

By Matt Dawson

I hope you are enjoying this series. It’s a lot to take in, especially when we don’t really understand the Holy Spirit very well. It’s no wonder the Bible refers to Him as a mystery!

However, we can EXPERIENCE His Power the more we understand who He is. I think this is the main part of the message yesterday that I wish I could have made it’s own message. There is such a big difference between KNOWING about the Holy Spirit’s POWER and EXPERIENCING His Power at work within us.

His Spirit INDWELLS US! This alone is a miracle beyond miracles. We do not pray to God for a power that is EXTERNAL, but we pray to a GOD THAT IS EVER PRESENT within us. Of course, we have to be choosing to walk in the Spirit to experience this – and many times throughout the day, I often choose to live and function out of my own power. I also resort to praying to God as if he is miles away, yet He is closer than my skin and NEVER leaves me or FORSAKES me.

His Spirit gives us GIFTS to use to edify and encourage one another. To display His power through His people has always been the way God has shown the world that HE REIGNS! Paul uses the illustration of a human body to describe the different gifts we are given and how they vary in use and function. “We cannot all be eyes,” Paul tells us. But we CAN ALL BE POWERFULLY USED in the Body!

However, this requires us to KNOW our gifts and PRACTICE THEM so they can grow.

His Spirit produces amazing FRUIT in us. As I showed you yesterday, fruit is the definition of integrity. That what is seen on the outside represents what is full of life on the inside. This is true of us. When we are living and walking with the person of the Holy Spirit (step by step), He produces fruit that shows up on the OUTSIDE of us that represents what’s happening on the INSIDE of us. You cannot FAKE the fruit of the Spirit (maybe only for a season before someone sees what’s really inside). It has to be PRODUCED IN US!

Spend some time this week trying to UNDERSTAND God and couple that with an equally deep passion to EXPERIENCE His Power in Your life. You won’t Regret It!!!

Below is a list of tools to help you understand this better! Please take the time this week to use at least one of them:

Resources for Spiritual Gift Assessment


This is what we currently use in our Core Ambitions material to help people discover their spiritual gifts. It cost a small amount ($18.00) to go through the assessment, but allows you to see both your Spiritual Gifts AND your Personality Profile (DISC).


This is a short free assessment you can take online. It’s not quite as detailed, but you can get an idea of what your gifts might be. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the Gift Descriptions PDF.

3. LifeWay Gifts Assessment

You can download this document and actually do the assessment and score it yourself. It’s a good assessment but doesn’t focus on some of the gifts listed in scripture (tongues, prophecy, etc).

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact the church office for help with any of these steps. We’d love to walk through this process with you and go over your assessment results. Contact Me, Don, Zack, or Chris for any additional information.

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