I’m Bored!!!

By Don Gentry

If you are a parent then you have heard the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored!” We all respond to that phrase differently, but the reality is whether we are children, teens, or even adults we have all been faced with finding that life can create some doldrums. What we may not all do well is respond to the mundane routine of life in the same fashion.

There are two words that will resolve all boredom! These two words are sure to change your world forever! These two words work no matter your age. Here are the two words free of charge.


It may seem a bit too simplistic so I will try to break it down a little more for you.

Here at Journey we partner with several great organizations. We would encourage you to find one that may work into the rhythm of life in your family. Here is a list of the organizations that we partner with at Journey that would be great to see if you can do something together as a family or as an individual:

Bags of Hope https://www.facebook.com/BagsofHopeLKN/
ADA Jenkins https://www.adajenkins.org/,
Children’s Hope Alliance https://www.childrenshopealliance.org/
Hope House of Huntersville https://www.hopehousefoundation.org

There are so many more local charities that you can find. It may take a little research but find a charity that you resonate with and figure out how to serve. You could simply find an elderly person/couple in your area and just talk with them or find out if they need anything done at their house. The opportunities to volunteer are endless, yet it remains the easiest way to stop boredom – serve others. When we serve, we take our eyes off our current situation and point our attention elsewhere.

Go Explore
You could label this exercise, go hiking, walking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, etc. I love the word explore because it means you get to find something you haven’t ever found. There are unbelievable greenways all through Charlotte. Stacy and I have found several different greenways on our date day. Leave the kids at home and find some fun time with your spouse. We have found some awesome trails in Charlotte. (Yes we have found some we won’t ever return too as well. )

Check out Wing Haven if you like birds or Daniel Stowe Garden, buy a membership, return often, support a good cause. Check out one of the many mountain trails within a short drive from Charlotte: Crowder Mountain, Kings Mountain, Grandfather Mountain, Chimney Rock, Stone Mountain, etc. Go explore the area you live in!

You may not have time so create a scavenger hunt for your kids and have them go explore.
If you can’t come up with something on your own check out this site. Lots of great ideas.

They still have this thing called a Library. If you don’t have any books in your house go find one. Reading is a portal to worlds untold. Teach your kids to read!!!!!!! Teach yourself to read!!!!!! Enough said!

Learn Something New
Find a new hobby! Create a science experiment, put a model together, paint a picture, build something, learn to crochet, learn a new game, play a new family game. We just got the game Speak Out. It is hilarious! If you are single then take up a new hobby. When we are bored, we have allowed our minds to become inactive. You need to stimulate a new area of your brain. Learn something!

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