How Can “Hope for the Holidays” Impact Lake Norman?

Why does it matter? Why should you even bother reading this post? What difference will this ONE post even make in our community?

I’ll tell you why it matters… because the potential is BIGGER than you can IMAGINE!

Most of us don’t daily wake up and live according to what POTENTIAL is in front of us. Most people are motivated by “realistic” feelings and past results. This is normal. This is safe.

This kind of event has NEVER been attempted before in our community – therefore we have no PAST RESULTS to draw from. With nothing to point to and say…”it’s like this over there” – our “realistic” feelings don’t spur us into action, they sit in a neutral place… waiting to see what happens next.

Potential is all we have. Potential is POWERFUL if we allow ourselves to BELIEVE that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

What kind of an IMPACT could this event have on Lake Norman? Let me share some potential.

The average person on Facebook/Twitter has around 400 friends/followers. We have 1200 folks receiving this letter. If everyone who reads this SHARES one of our social invites or just POSTS a link to – that is a POTENTIAL REACH OF 480,000 people.  If everyone who see these POSTS/TWEETS were to give just $1.00, that is almost $500,000 that would be split between 4 non-profits in our area. What does that do for each one of them?
– It allows them to hire a needed staff person they currently can’t afford.
– It allows them seed money to put towards NEW PROJECTS that better meet the needs in our community.
– It allows them to serve more people, help more of the helpless, and keep bringing HOPE to LKN.

There is a POTENTIAL of somewhere between 20,000 – 30,000 folks that will walk through Birkdale this Friday and Saturday night. If only 1/2 of them stop by the booth, get a gift wrapped, or grab a card/brochure – that’s 10,000-15,000 folks that are MORE AWARE of the needs in our community that these amazing organizations are meeting. If 1% of them decided to VOLUNTEER with these groups – that’s 100-150 more hands and feet to help meet needs. What if it’s 10% – 1,000-1,500 people are now ENGAGED in helping men, women, and children who are currently in distress!

This doesn’t include the POTENTIAL viewers of the ONLINE STREAM. This week, full page ads will be in 4 papers in the LKN area. That’s over 60,000 homes. If 25% of them were to go online just ONCE this weekend – that’s 15,000 viewers.

WHAT IF THEY SHARE THE STREAM ON SOCIAL MEDIA? That’s a POTENTIAL REACH of 6 MILLION people that would have the option to GIVE and support these amazing groups.

150-1,500 new volunteers. $480,000 Dollars donated to 4 Non-Profits. 6 MILLION views on Youtube Live Stream.

Just take a moment, and allow the POTENTIAL to overwhelm you today.

Then ask yourself the question “What kind of impact can ‘Hope for the Holidays’ have on our Lake Norman Community?”

The answer. Potentially MORE than we could ASK or even IMAGINE!

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