Christmas Weekend Preview

By Matt Dawson

As we approach Christmas weekend, there has been something on my mind.

Our Undeniable Testimony

There are people searching for answers in this world, and for the last 30-50 years (depending on the studies you read) they have stopped coming to “the church” for those answers. The institution of the western church has struggled to maintain it’s influence in culture and we continue to be known for what we are AGAINST rather than what we’re FOR!

However, there are three words that I find are characteristics of an undeniable testimony that our lives are being changed by Jesus Christ.

Light. Love. Hope.

Light is necessary to overcome darkness. Jesus was the Light that had come to a world, and we celebrate that Light at Christmas. We share the light we have in Jesus with those who are struggling in the darkness. When we shine our lights, they only last for a moment…but when we reflect the true light from our lives, we provide light to the world. People can argue our beliefs, but they cannot argue the effect the light has within our lives.

Love is the currency of our souls. Without love, we have almost nothing to offer our fellow man that doesn’t rust, deteriorate, or fade away with time. Even when we can’t give anything else, we can always share the LOVE that we’ve been given by God. Love is the indispensable need of every person we see and we have the greatest gift of love to share with the world!

Hope is the greatest catalyst for change within the human spirit. It can push us further than we think we can go. It lifts us up when all seems lost around us. Hope is Faith! As Christians, we have a HOPE that is unchanging and secure in the person and work of Jesus Christ. No matter our circumstances we can live with Hope!

Light. Love. Hope.

As we celebrate the Light, Love, and Hope that came to us over 2000 years ago – I pray that all of us would see the undeniable testimony of His work in our lives. If we shine His light in our lives…if we share His love with others…if we point others to the absolute Hope in Jesus – we will be living a life worth sharing!

I hope that you will be able to join us Christmas Eve for our Candlelight Services at 5 & 6:30pm (childcare for babies under 2). Join us for our Family Christmas Celebration on Sunday at 10am (childcare for 5yrs old and under).

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