Helping Your Kids Make Sense of Sin

By Don Gentry

I often joke that I was saved from a life of horrible sin. Then I say I was saved at the age of three. I still remember the church I went to in Colorado and my Sunday school class. How do I know when I became a follower of Christ, because I had just turned four when we moved from Colorado.

Many adults have challenged me with the question “Do you really think you were saved? Can a child really understand what it means to be a Christian?”

To understand how to be a “Christian” we need our children to understand one simple concept. I do bad things, sometimes on purpose and sometimes on accident, but it is called sin. Because of sin God says I need forgiveness and Jesus is the only way to take care of the bad things/sin I do. As we become adults we do develop a deeper understanding of our sin, but the reality is our children understand their bad behavior better than adults.

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Message Follow Up | Making Sense of Sin: Part 2 – I’m Just a “Mistaker”

By Matt Dawson

I’ve never felt more defeated in my life!

I remember the feeling as if darkness was completely overtaking me and the rage of all that is wrong in my world was being unleashed. I had allowed thought after thought to pervade my mind and DECIDED that I just wasn’t going to take it anymore. I unleashed my anger, rage, and frustration and was left with nothing but shame, guilt, and a defeated heart.

To those we tell this story to, it’s usually filled with laughter at the site, sounds, and hilarity of the story. In short, my car inexplicably broke down for the 84th time, so I beat the engine with a cast iron weight from the trunk of my car and then preceded to lock my wife out of the car while I beat the steering wheel mercilessly, and cursed it to the point of exhaustion. Anger had won the battle. (To get the full story – my wife retells is in her book “Crowning Wisdom” – go buy it, Chapter 1 alone is worth the read!)

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Weekend Preview | Making Sense of Sin: Part 2 – I’m a “Mistaker”

By Daniel Shafer


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Heading into week two of our series Making Sense of Sin, we need to have an honest discussion about OUR OWN sin.

Last week David McNeely led us through what sin is, and why it is so important to deal with. As he said in his follow up blog post “The ultimate reason we are to deal harshly with it is because we want to LOVE what God loves and HATE what God hates.

With the idea that we should love what God loves and hate what God hates in mind, we need to realize how we JUSTIFY and MINIMIZE our sins.

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Message Follow Up | Making Sense of Sin: Part 1 – What is Sin

By David McNeely

God HATES sin.

Sin WRECKS people, places, and things.

Creation is PAYING THE PRICE for our sin.

Jesus tells us to deal harshly with it. Plucking out eyes and cutting of hands should not be taken literally but rather as a call to grab sin by the throat. The Holy Spirit promises to give us the power to do it. He loves giving that power.

The ultimate reason we are to deal harshly with it is because we want to love what God loves and hate what God hates. That’s the driving force.

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Why Should We Learn How to Deal With Sin?

By Matt Dawson

To be honest, I’m not sure many of us know how to make sense of sin.

Sin feels like such an archaic word, I’m not even sure if you ask 100 people to define it that you’d get less than 80 different ideas of what it is.

  • Do you understand sin?

  • Can you explain it to someone else?

  • Can you help someone through their objections and misunderstanding of sin?

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