Message Follow Up | It Is: Part 3 – It Is Finished

By Matt Dawson

I hope you were able to Join us this past Sunday for Easter at Journey Church.  What an incredible weekend of celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus as a church.  (Check out the message above if you were not able to join us live or livestream.)

There are 2 verses from yesterday that I would love for you to MEMORIZE and plant deep down in your hearts and mind:


It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 5:1

If your version of Christianity or the Christianity that you’ve rubbed shoulders with in the past doesn’t help you understand and feel MORE FREE – then YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Freedom is a big deal for me.  It is the way we define HOPE here at Journey.  To humbly point everyone to absolute HOPE is to help people see and experience the FAME/GLORY of God and the FREEDOM that comes to us through Christ! Continue reading

Weekend Preview | It Is: Part 3 – It Is Finished

By Chris Denning

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In case you aren’t aware of it, this weekend is Easter.  I know, its nuts that it’s April already.

Easter is a big deal in the church, and you might be curious why.  I mean, I understand the “big deal-ness” of it theologically and personally, but why is Easter a time where people feel drawn to the Church?

Honestly, I think the answer is simple: Easter is a time of great hope.

The story of Easter is filled with great sorrow, pain and agony, yet people are still drawn to it.  Even with the graphic brutality that is native to Jesus’ journey from the Garden to Calvary, we want to hear the whole story.

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Weekend Follow Up | It Is: Part 2 – It Is Here

By Don Gentry

When we begin to truly study science with an open mind and use the scriptures as our starting point and source of truth, it is fascinating to me how accurate the scriptures are.

The Bible was written millennia before the study of Neuroscience was ever developed.  In fact, Neuroscience has come leaps and bounds in the last 10-20 years.  What we can do with brain mapping and brain imaging is phenomenal.

I said yesterday that Jesus came to bring a revolution to our mind and that the kingdom that he set up was established to bring peace internally.  Our internal peace is developed solely in our minds.  There is no other organ that can direct our bodies to experience freedom from stress, anger, panic, hatred, bitterness, etc., other than the brain.  I love what Romans says to us about the way that we should think:
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Weekend Preview | It Is: Part 2 – It Is Here

By Matt Dawson

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At Journey, our goal is to see every one of your friend’s stories changed by absolute Hope!

WHO?  Your friends, the people in your circle, the folks you are connected to.  Your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your co-workers, your network group, your neighbors, your kid’s friends parents, your clients, everyone!  We know who they are, we know their names, many of whom we know the complexity of their story, but sometimes thinking about reaching and pointing all of them to hope feels a bit overwhelming.

So, let me ask you a different question: Who are your TOP 5?

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Message Follow Up | It Is: Part 1 – It Is Coming

By David McNeely

Don’t you love guarantees?

Whether it’s a service or product, I love to hear about a guaranteed outcome.  A guarantee implies I get what I want, doesn’t it?

Actually no.  Not every guarantee means I get what I want.  Sometimes the guarantee is only for certain parts to function in a way that is promised.  This is true for many things, like appliances or tech equipment like phones and computers etc.

Nowhere in life do we want a guarantee more than in relationships. While preparing for part 1 of It Is: It Is Coming, I was struck with how much I desire guarantee from God that redemption is coming for those I love, especially my kids.

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Weekend Preview | It Is: Part 1 – It Is Coming

By Chris Denning

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The temperature is rising, buds are blooming on the trees, and the grass is turning from brown to green.  This can only mean one thing: Spring is coming.

I think most of us anticipate Spring with excitement, even desperation (I lived in Chicago, so I know what that’s about), but Spring is always a time for renewal and life.  For that new life to happen, change must abound.  Brown to green.  Cold to warm.  Change brings new life.  

And with Spring, so comes a great reminder of why we believe what we believe: Easter.

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