Message Follow Up | Why Global Outreach Matters

By Kelley Stopnik, Journey GO Director

I am no stranger to world travel. I was a flight attendant for many years, have visited many countries with my husband and absolutely adore traveling, trying new foods and experiencing other cultures.

However, in the summer of 2013, one trip completely wrecked me. Even though, by all accounts, the experience wasn’t so different than many I have had before on my travels. The difference was Jesus. Let me explain.

I was asked to lead one of our Global Outreach trips to Huánuco, Peru. We were there to do some building maintenance and support the staff and residents at a shelter for sexually abused women and children. I speak quite a bit of Spanish, so I felt like this was where God was calling me to serve.

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Weekend Preview | Global Outreach Weekend

By Chris Denning


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Serving brings Purpose.

If you hang around Journey, you’ll definitely hear about these things we call Our Core Ambitions. These are four specific things, actions or aspirations really, that we believe each person who follows Jesus should be actively seeking to live out. They are like 4 wheels on a car, where if one of them isn’t working or happening, the whole thing will feel off.


This weekend, we’re focusing on the outcome of Serving, which we believe is purpose. Serving others brings purpose to our actions. We believe that serving others, especially OUTSIDE THE WALLS of Journey Church is something that brings purpose to the lives of followers of Jesus.

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