Big Plans For Denver!

By Zack DeBerry

As we close out 2016 and move into a new year, it has been a great reminder in this current series at Journey to live a generous life. My key takeaway has been that generosity is not a money issue, but a heart issue. That’s just a great reminder that in order to live a life of generosity, we must first seek to be in tune with what God is speaking into our hearts and lives.

For me 2016 has been a year of transitions in many areas of life, but one of the greatest endeavors has been taking the step of faith and trying to advance the mission of Journey to plant 3 campuses over 3 years. We have taken the first baby step by seeing what it could look like to have a representation of Journey Church in Denver.

We began very slowly with an amazing core group for the last 8 months. We have seen God provide some things in ways that only He could as we have settled into a home at Sally’s YMCA. We have continued to partner with other churches in Denver to point people to hope through various outreach opportunities. It has been a great year building a foundation for Journey Church Denver.

As we plan for 2017, we believe God is going to do some amazing things and we are excited to see what role we get to play in the process. As a part of the generous life campaign, we are asking 25 current Journey families to invest 6 months into continuing to plant seeds of hope in the Denver community by volunteering and serving as a part of Journey Church Denver. As Matt said this past Sunday, churches aren’t planted by organizations, but they are planted by people. I would add that it’s not just people, but people who understand what it means to live a generous life and give away their time to see others experience the hope of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Our schedule moving forward is to continue with a once a month preview service for January, February, and March. We will also begin a Sunday evening gathering the other weeks to continue to build community and help our efforts to point the Denver community to hope. Our goal is to launch a weekly public service at Sally’s YMCA on Easter Sunday 2017. It is an exciting thing to type, but the reality is that these are just plans and ideas that will never come to fruition if there is not a group of people living generous lives and giving what they have to see others experience hope.

We ask of you to take the time to pray for our campus in Denver as we move forward, but also consider being a part of what God is doing in Denver through Journey Church.

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