3 Ways Partnering With Journey Can Change Your Life

The main way that Partnering with Journey can change your life is that you have access to a community of people that will love and support you. In a fast-paced world that lives and dies by the latest Facebook post or Tweet, it can be difficult to know if community is really available. I love living in the digital age, and I love how connected I can be if I choose to, no matter where I am in the world. However, I want to always be sure that I am experiencing true community in my life, and the way to experience community at Journey comes through Partnering.

One of our greatest desires for people at Journey is that they would find a community to be a part of, not just a place to attend. If that can happen at Journey, great! But if not, we hope they find community somewhere. We don’t want a bunch of people who just show up to a meeting on Sunday, but never find a community where they can belong. We believe that God calls us to experience authentic community. We call this “Partnering” at Journey and we believe that Partnering brings community.

So how can Partnering with Journey really change Your life? I believe there are 3 things that happen when you take the step to Partner with Journey and begin to develop community with others.

1. You get to Know and Be Known

The first way Partnering can change your life at Journey is by finding a place where you are Known by others and you can truly Know others. If you are not plugged into a group of people where you feel like you are really known, then it becomes very easy to simply hide out and ultimately drift away. It is important to be at a place where you truly feel Known, but it’s also important to be in a community where you feel like you really Know the people.  There is something that happens from a trust perspective that allows us to live life to the fullest when we feel like we are Known and truly Know people.

2. You get to Love and Be Loved

Another way that Partnering can change your life is that you get to experience what it means to truly Love others and feel Loved by others. When we move from attending meetings to connecting in community, we are able to become the “Body of Christ” that is talked about in the New Testament. God’s desire for His church was never just a meeting to be a part of, but rather a body that functions by each person doing their part. When we become a part of this “body” we have the opportunity to Love others and be Loved by others as we walk through life together.

3. You get to Serve and Be Served

The third way that Partnering can change your life is you get the opportunity to serve others at Journey. You are never more Christ-like than when you are serving the body with your gifts. Not only do you get the opportunity to Serve, but you gain a group of people that are ready and available to Serve you in times of need. The difference in attending a service and Partnering with Journey lies in the investment that you have in that place. We desire for everyone who partners with Journey to find a place to volunteer within the church walls and seek opportunities to Serve outside the walls to point people to the absolute hope of Jesus Christ. Partnering means investing in the church’s weekly activities, but more importantly it means locking arms with others to see the mission and vision of Journey leave a lasting impact in the Lake Norman community.

We believe so strongly in taking a step to Partner with Journey that we talk about it frequently and try to provide easy steps for you to find your place. I love Journey and my Life Group because it does so much for me. By partnering with Journey over the last 9 years, I have had many opportunities to get to know others and be known by them. I have experienced the Love of Christ through the Body of Christ and had many chances to share the Love of Christ with others. I have been changed by the moments that I have been able to volunteer and serve both inside the church walls and in the LKN community. Partnering has changed me for the better, and I hope that as you take the step to partner and find your community at Journey you will also see the change in your life.

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