Intentional Focus and Rest

By Matt Dawson

In case you’ve been out of touch for the last 8 weeks (or living under a rock) – I’m heading out on an 8-week sabbatical starting this Friday.

What is a sabbatical? It’s really simple. It is a designated, focused time away from daily responsibilities. It’s different than a Sabbath time of simply resting; it’s a time set aside with FOCUS and INTENTIONALITY toward a purpose and plan.

Last year, I heard the testimony of a pastor who had just recently come back from his 3rd sabbatical in 21 years of serving at his church. The purpose of the sabbatical was to intentionally REST before taking another BIG STEP as a ministry. I LOVED this approach and started having this conversation with our Advisory Team. Considering, where Journey is, it seemed like God was giving us a plan.

Most people wait until they are exhausted beyond belief and already a dry well spiritually before they take a sabbatical.

I’m so thankful to be a part of a growing ministry that sees the value in giving me this REST before we take another BIG STEP in humbly pointing everyone to absolute Hope.


As Don said on Sunday, we really want you to pray with us. Pray for rest as a family. Pray for rest emotionally and intellectually from the day to day duties of leading an organization. And pray for VISION as we long to return and see God doing more than we can ask or imagine, as we continue to lead HIS CHURCH into the future God has for us.

We look forward to seeing you all in 8 weeks!

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