019 The Journey Online Podcast – Solid Rock/Sinking Sand w/ Chris Denning, Zack Deberry, and Daniel Shafer

The Journey Online Podcast

In this episode, Zack DeBerry sits with our Creative Arts Pastor Chris Denning and Production Director Daniel Shafer to talk about the current series, Solid Rock/Sinking Sand

019 The Journey Online Podcast – Solid Rock/Sinking Sand w/ Zack DeBerry, Chris Denning, and Daniel Shafer

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 In This Episode:

• Setup-Quick Series Overview

          “The Size of Faith is Irrelevant, the Object of Faith is Everything.”
• Why is this Thought needed in our Culture and Churches today?
• Where do you see people placing their Hope and Faith that ends up becoming Sinking Sand?
• Has there been a time in your own life where you have fallen victim to this?
• What are some ways that we can ensure that we are placing our Hope and Faith on the Solid Rock of Jesus?
• Why should every person at Journey take this message to heart?

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